Ming Qi Clinic

Welcome to the Ming Qi Center. We specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our primary goal is to restore your health as quickly as possible through sensitive, non-invasive therapies. Chinese medicine offers many different services to meet your healthcare needs, which emphasize your body's own restorative and recuperative powers.

Whether you visit us in illness or in health, our trained professional staff offers evaluation and diagnosis in accordance with TCM philosophy and principles. We examine each patient's constitution to determine their overall state of health and identify disharmonies in the body. For new patients, we offer a meridian diagnostic consultation that evaluates the strength of qi through the meridian system and organs so that we can assess appropriate ways for you to achieve healthy energetic balance.

For patients who want to begin a program of preventive care, we offer healthcare services that place emphasis on maintaining balance and preventing diseases from occurring. When there are signs and symptoms of illness, the Chinese medicine practitioner will diagnose the basic disharmony and correct the imbalance.

Our center offers different treatment therapies according to the different conditions and body constitutions. It also provides an alphabetized list of conditions and disorders that are treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine.