Insurance Coverage

If you are using health insurance to cover the acupuncture, please make sure your policy include a rider for acupuncture treatment by a licensed acupuncturist in New York State, not by an M.D., physical therapist, or chiropractor. You may call first if you have questions about insurance coverage accepted at this office. Dr. Ming Jin is a licensed acupuncturist in New York State. She was an M.D. in China, not in the U.S. Therefore, insurance coverage that covers acupuncture by an M.D. will not cover treatments by Dr. Jin. At the moment, medical insurance coverage accepted at this office is as follows:

1. Oxford Alternative Medicine Plan (If you have the Oxford Alternative Medicine Plan, there should be a notation on the front of the card "alt. med." written above the co-pay). Please see the photo below.

2. Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO Plan (This plan only covers the acupuncture for nausea from chemotherapy.)

3. Company Insurance Policy or Individual Insurance Policy: Besides the above-mentioned insurance policies, there are some company or individual insurance plans that voluntarily cover acupuncture. In this case, coverage often varies dramatically from one insurer to another. Since we may not be in the provider network, we request that you file a reimbursement claim to the insurance company. We would be happy to fill out the form to help you file for reimbursement. However, you must pay for your treatment at the time it is received, and then receive the reimbursement after the claim is filed.

4. No-fault Patients: Patients should send the accident case number and the name of the no-fault insurance company and phone number to Ming Qi Acupuncture PLLC first in order to file for approval before treatment. Please also provide a phone number where you can be reached. After we received approval, one of the staff will contact you to schedule your first treatment. The no-fault information can be faxed to (212) 686-8968 or e-mailed to

5. Worker's Compensation: Patients should send the worker's compensation case number, the patient's name, phone number, social security number and insurance company telephone number first to Ming Qi Acupuncture PLLC to verify coverage and receive approval. Usually, once an approval is received, the patient may be eligible for 6-8 treatments. Please wait for a confirmation call before you come in for treatment. The information can be faxed to (212) 686-8968 or e-mailed to

6. Patients must pay their co-payment for each treatment at the time of their visit. Any treatment besides acupuncture, such as tui-na/acupressure, herbs, reflexology, herbal facials, etc. is not covered by insurance. The patient must pay these services out-of-pocket.

At this time, there are several M.D. and physical therapists with acupuncture licenses who work at Ming Qi Natural Healthcare Center part-time. If you require your health insurance plan to cover acupuncture treatment, please send the insurance information to the clinic first, so that we can select a provider within your provider network.

The information you should send to us is as follows:

1. Patient's name, sex, date of birth, social security number
2. Copy of insurance card
3. Effective date of Policy holder

We will call you back if we can find the right doctor who is covered under your insurance policy.