Natural Healing & Preventive Care

"A skillful doctor cures illness when there is no sign of disease and thus the disease never comes." - huan nan zi, 120 B.C.

For 4,000 years prevention of disease has been the abiding principle in Chinese healthcare. The onset of disease was regarded as a failure of preventive medicine rather than a normal occurrence as it is today and the use of medicinal drugs was always a last resort. This preventive aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an important part of our services at Ming Qi Center. The clinical applications of natural healing and preventive care can be divided as below:

  • Seasonal Healthcare
  • Women's Healthcare
  • Men's Healthcare
  • Children & Adolescent Healthcare
  • Senior Healthcare
  • Occupational, Professional & Sports Healthcare
  • Natural Skin Care & Facelift
  • Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Preventive Care
  • Sexual Health Care
  • Fitness/weight control care
  • Concentration, Memory, and Mental Healthcare