Weight Loss Program

1. What is obesity?

Obesity is a complex disease in which a person is diagnosed as having too much body fat. TCM believes that obesity is related to the whole body's health conditions such as metabolic imbalance, hormone disorder, stress, digestive system problems, and toxicity in the body. It is also related with the person's living environment and his/her daily lifestyle. TCM diagnose obesity as qi deficiency, dampness in the body, or qi stagnation.

2. How does obesity affect one's health?

People seeking weight loss are not only concerned with how they look but are also concerned for health issues. Obesity may cause a lot of damage for the health such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, respiratory system disorder, liver damage, osteoarthritis, and gout. Obese patients will also be susceptible to sex hormone disorder, sexual dysfunction, women's irregular period, infertility, and cancer.

3. What causes people to become obese?

Primary obesity refers to those patients with lower metabolism in which the calories patients get from food are much more than they need. Moreover, the body's fat cells are growing in amount and size. The fewer calories a person uses through physical activity, the higher the possibility of gaining weight. A person's environment such as family's behavior, availability and expense of food, and culture is also a main factor in whether obesity may develop. Other factors include improper daily diet, genetics, stress, nerve system imbalance, and emotional or psychological problems. These problems consist of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, binging, trauma, and alcohol.

Secondary obesity is caused by different nerve-endocrine system problems such as pituitary, adrenal, and pancreatic disorder. Hormonal imbalance due to the side effects of drug use is also a reason why people gain weight. Conditions such as hypothyroidism and Cushing's syndrome as well as antidepressants may cause weight gain.

4. How does acupuncture and herbs treat obesity?

Acupuncture and herbal treatment for weight loss has a successful experience. It can improve the metabolism and balance the endocrine hormones through lowering the glucose in the blood, increase adrenal activity, speed up the burning of fat, and control the craving or desire for food and sugar. Herbal formula Fang Feng Tong Shen San has been approved to be able to reduce high cholesterol and glucose as well as speed up the body's metabolism and help the body's detoxification.

5.How can people prevent obesity?
  • The amount of calories consumed must be equivalent to the amount of calories used. Generally, unused calories are stored as fats.
  • Avoid high-fat foods.
  • Encourage healthy eating habits. Do not eat too quickly or skip meals. Eat regularly.
  • Have a consistent and moderate aerobic exercise. This may also reduce the risk of certain heart diseases. This includes not only aerobic exercises such as jogging or swimming but also other physical activities such as gardening or washing the car.

6. Compared to other weight loss methods, how can acupuncture for weight loss benefit the patients more?
  • Does not force the patient to undergo a strict diet. They can still eat some carbohydrates, meats, and dairy products and even sugar followed by a special diet plan.
  • Does not have any side effects to harm the body such as diarrhea, dehydration, fatigue, and anxiety.
  • Can maintain a regular bowel movement and speed up metabolism. People will feel more energetic and have better sleep.
  • Can help women get hormonal balance, regular menstruation, and also aid in menopausal syndromes and polycystic ovarian syndromes.
  • Is based on lowering the body's cholesterol and glucose level. It is very important for the middle aged people to prevent heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Can increase sexual function and is an anti-aging treatment.
  • Can tighten the skin to prevent skin from becoming flabby after weight loss.

7. Treatment for General Overweight

Acupuncture should be performed twice a week for 3 weeks. The treatment will concentrate on the metabolism speed, hormonal balance, and stress relief. Patient should feel less uptight and more energetic after the treatment. Puffiness and water retention should be improved as soon as treatment starts. Once a week acupuncture as a following treatment plan will continue until patient gets the weight expected.

8. Treatment for Children's Obesity

Children's obesity will affect their health, causing hormonal imbalance, IQ development problem, and mental illness. It is very important to treat it before their puberty period. Chinese medicine provides acupressure, moxibustion, reflexology, and scalp work once a week for approximately three months. Obese children are limited in their intake of deep-fried food, heavy dairy products, and large amount of meat. Exercise is also necessary to train the children to cut down on their appetite and concentrate on physical activities.

9. Treatment for Women After Labor

Women, after labor, usually suffer from water retention. Thigh, waist, and lower abdomen are the major areas of weight gain. Ming Qi Natural Healthcare Center has a special fitness program for those women to gain hormonal imbalance, lose water retention, tighten the skin, and also help the skeleton regain back its normal structure. Acupuncture should be performed once a week with lymphatic flowing massage for three months. This treatment will also women produce good quality milk to support breast feeding as well as aid uterus and ovary go back to its normal function.

10. Treatment for Local Weight Control

People may be overweight in different areas of the body without being obese. Lower abdomen is the major area but also common is in the thighs, upper arm, chin, shoulder, and cellulite areas. Acupuncture on this special area with a fat burn herb massage could help tremendously for local weight loss. Ming Qi Natural Healthcare has a program especially for actors and actresses to lose weight on a certain part of a body according to their work needs. People need special consultation with an acupuncturist to make the treatment plan.

11. Daily Life

Ming Qi Natural Healthcare Center for different patients provide daily diet menus for their weight loss needs. We also provide the qi gong exercise which is based on carrying the qi movement inside the body, relaxing the stress, controlling the craving and appetite, and improving the energy and metabolism. Once a day for 20 minutes qi gong exercise is necessary for those patients. Ming Qi Natural Healthcare has once a week weight loss classes to our patients.