Meridian Diagnosis

Disharmonies in the body's energy and balance affect meridians creating tenderness along the channels and at acupuncture points. The tender points are used in diagnosis to determine the imbalances along the channel and in the associated organs. Each meridian is associated with distinct disharmonies, which arise when the flow of Qi is disrupted, creating symptoms in the part of the body through which the channel flows.

The Meridian Energy Analysis Device is a special computerized program that provides an accurate analysis of the body's energy using an electrode pen at specific acupuncture points along the twelve meridians to determine the body's overall health, the functions of the meridians, and the flow of qi and blood. A detailed report includes the following:
  1. The measurement of the body's energy through meridian energy values that determines which meridians are healthy, which meridians have energy imbalance or abnormal results, and which symptoms are associated with the disharmonies of the meridians.
  2. Information on the patient's overall musculoskeletal, circulatory, metabolic, nervous, and immune systems.
  3. Suggestions on which acupuncture points and herbal formulas will be helpful for the patient's particular condition.
  4. A dietary regime which indicates a list of foods that will help the patient's diet and strengthen their constitution.
  5. A comparison before and after treatment to determine the effects of treatment and to determine if treatment needs to be modified.
Our trained professionals offer a Meridian Diagnosis consultation with nutrition and health recommendations. The staff at Ming Qi Natural Healthcare Center recommends that all new patients should have a meridian diagnosis once to get whole body assessment and receive better healthcare.