• 12 kinds of manipulations
  • Restores energy or removes painful obstruction
  • Pediatric Tui-na / Acupressure

The professional staff is trained in both deep tissue and superficial muscle tui-na/acupressure. This treatment is given along designated meridians and can be modified - either gentler or stronger - to suit patients. As in the case of acupuncture, tui-na/acupressure stimulates the body's own restorative powers. In Tui-na/acupressure, the practitioner transfers his or her energy to the patient to correct imbalances within the body. Any soreness experienced by the patient disappears within two days. At Ming Qi Natural Center, acupressure might replace acupuncture in the treatment of children or patients who are sensitive to needles.

Tui-na can treat a variety of clinical diseases and is especially effective for pain relief. Acupressure is now applied widely for alleviation of chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and other syndromes due to its internal and external efficacy. Tui-na is also very potent for the recovery of one's energy, qi and blood regulation, and yin and yang adjustment.

Pediatric acupressure places particular emphasis on asthma, indigestion, myopia, enuresis, myogenic torticollis, and other ailments. Scalp tui-na is used to address mental stress, tension, baldness, and the prevention of pre-senile dementia. Foot massage has the function of adjusting the whole body's qi and blood, and enhances one's general health; hence, it is often applied in the clinic as a preventive measure.

Tui-na/acupressure sessions are incorporated with acupuncture treatments at Ming Qi Center. Tui-na sessions usually last 15 or 30 minutes depending on the patient's request and the health condition. Patients can also request longer tui-na/acupressure treatments that can be scheduled for 1 -2 hours. Patients should inform their tui-na/acupressure practitioner if they are wearing a pacemaker, if they are pregnant, and if they have open wounds, lesions, infectious conditions, phlebitis, fractures, or other injuries.