Chinese Reflexology

  • Compression massage of the hands and feet
  • Promotes relaxation, activates vital organs
  • Encourages natural healing process

Reflexology (also called zone therapy) is a therapy in which a specialized massage technique is used to stimulate the nerves of the feet and hands. This compression massage technique has a healing effect upon the entire body.

The hands and feet have specific points that correlate to specific internal organs and parts of the anatomy. Nerve endings embedded in the hands and feet connect all areas of the body through the spinal cord. Stimulation of these nerve endings helps to promote relaxation, activate vital organs and encourage the natural healing process.

A reflexology treatment involves light, yet firm massage of the soles and tops of the feet. This massage does not make use of oils. The reflex points are small and precision is important. Many patients experience dramatic results following the first session. Although all areas of the body will be affected by the treatment the therapist will usually concentrate on problem areas.

Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of reflexology in treating PMS, constipation, labor pains, hormone imbalance and nervous exhaustion. Reflexology is recommended for cancer patients, patients with Alzheimer's disease, and children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Reflexology is contraindicated for pregnant women and patients who have suffered injuries or fractures to the foot. Otherwise, it is a safe and effective form of therapy.