Ming Qi Exclusive Herbs

Geng Nian Le

  • Relieves the symptoms from menopause

    This tea is especially made for women experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, nervousness, anxiety, depression and osteoporosis. It not only helps to balance the female hormones during the menopausal years, but it also nourishes blood, yin and jing to help those who suffer infertility due to low hormone level.

    Ji Liu Ping

  • Relieves the symptoms from uterus fibroids

    This tea is for patients with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome and/or endometriosis. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to shrink abnormal masses and cysts. It is advised that supporting herbs be added to the tea when relieving severe abdominal pain or heavy uterine bleeding. Ji Liu Ping invigorates blood, regulates qi, and breaks.

    Qian Lei Kang

  • Relieves the symptoms from an enlarged prostate

    This tea can alleviate symptoms such as frequent, painful, burning, and/or difficult urination, weak urinary flow, pressure and pain in the lower abdomen, and lower sexual function due to prostate disorders in middle-aged and elderly men. Qian Lie Kang clears heat, breaks up stasis, and supplements the liver and kidney function. For preventive use, this tea can help maintain a healthy prostate condition in middle-aged and elderly men.

    Gan Mao Ning

  • Relieves the symptoms from the flu

    This tea relieves the symptoms of viral influenza, which include fever, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, and body aches. Gan Mao Ning clears heat and releases the exterior condition. This tea can also be used for preventive care.

    Pao Zheng Qin

  • Relieves the symptoms from herpes

    This herbal capsule can help patients who suffer from oral herpes, genital herpes, or shingles to alleviate pain, open sores, local swelling, severe itchiness, and fever. This herbal capsule can strengthen the qi, clear the heat and dampness, and move the qi to relieve pain. For preventive use, it can help herpes patients prevent future viral outbreak.

    Jing Xue Bao

  • Helps women's fertility

    Jin Xue Bao is a very effective herbal formula to help strengthen and maintain women's reproductive functions. It promotes blood and essences to ease symptoms such as scanty or short periods, dizziness, weakness, hair loss, and difficulty with concentration.

    Nuang Gong Ning

  • Warms the womb

    Nuang Gong Ning is a formula specially made to help women maintain a healthy uterine lining to support implantation, conception, and a healthy pregnancy. It is also used to balance the hormones and improve the symptoms of irregular periods, PMS, menstrual cramps, aversion to cold, and lower back pain.

    Fu Yong Qing

  • Relieves the symptoms of vaginal infection

    Fu Yong Qing is the herbal formula made for clearing toxicity for women and to help their vaginal health. It is used for the symptoms of itchiness in the vagina, yellow or white odor in mucous discharge, or sensitive and painful intercourse. This formula could be used either orally in capsules or used as an external wash in powder form as a douche.

    Li He Xiao

  • Relieves the symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes

    This classical formula has been enhanced by new scientific research to help clear the lympathic system and is often used to help the symptoms of breast tenderness, swelling, and cysts. It also helps release or shrink swollen lymph nodes.

    Jing Gu Bao

  • Helps strengthen bones

    This formula is made for strengthening the bone structure and improving the tendon flexibility. It is often used for supporting the bone density and joint strength to relieve the pain, ache, weakness, stiffness or numbness in the muscle, bone, tendon, or joint.

    Tan Ke Jing

  • Relieves coughing with yellow mucus

    This formula is specially made to help the symptoms of cough with yellow mucus, sore throat, nasal congestion, and sinus pressure and chest oppression.

    Gang Ke Shu

  • Relieves dry cough

    This formula helps the symptoms of dry irritated cough with little or no mucus, sore or itchy throat, thirst, and chronic cough lasting a long time after using antibiotics.

    Zhi Mai Ning

  • Helps reduce cholesterol

    This special formula is used to maintain healthy blood vessels. This herbal combination can strengthen the heart function, reduce fat deposits into the blood vessel, and help the blood flow safely and smoothly through the artery or vein. It also aids in weight loss and cellulite.

    Jian Fei Ling

  • Helps with weight loss

    This formula helps metabolize stored fat, balances the hormones, relieves stress, and reduces water retention. It also strengthens the body's energy and supplies the fit weight. People with fatigue, tension, swollen and puffy eyes, obesity, and cellulite often uses this.

    Jian Er Ling

  • Helps children's digestive & immune systems

    This formula is specially made for children to build the immune system, improve digestion, and help physical development and mental health.

    Nan Kang Bao

  • Strengthens male sexual function

    This is a special formula designed to strengthen men's sexual energy and address the symptoms of hair loss, depression, fatigue, memory loss, poor concentration, weak bones, lower back pain, frequent urination, and also prevents degeneration.

    Yu Shen Ling

  • Aids the immune system

    This special formula has been tailored to enhance the immune system and improve immune disorders. It is often used by people with chronic fatigue, frequent and recurrent infections, and to counter the side effects from chemotherapy or radiation, weakness after surgery, labor or long term chronic illness.

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