Ming Qi School

The Ming Qi School aims at teaching general natural healthcare to the public to help them understand the TCM approach. Furthermore, there are continued educational programs set up for licensed acupuncturist and Western M.D. especially for new scientific research on TCM and clinical trial programs from INH. This program will also aid in the learning of the combination treatment of Eastern and Western medicine such as cancer treatment, infertility treatment, spinal care, surgical care, etc.

Ming Qi School also provides medical exercise class such as tai-chi, meditation, eighteen movement, to help the patients relieve stress, heart disease, and arthritis. This program designed is very different from the regular exercise because it is based on the patients' health condition needs to balance their energy.

Herbal and diet programs are the special therapy in TCM to help patients prevent diseases or healing their health problems through daily diet. The proper intake of vegetables, meat, sugar, and salt can be considered as a part of the healing process.